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安全 and Security

Public 安全

The Office of Student Life works closely with Public 安全 and the Office of Residence Life to ensure a safe and secure campus environment. This office is responsible for collecting and preparing security related reports and incidents to the Federal Government.

Emergency Phone Numbers

IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, 或者犯罪活动是否发生在威斯康辛路德学院校园, 采取以下步骤,以确保迅速和适当的回应: 

  • 拨打911. Confirm 8800 West Bluemound Road, 密尔沃基, 作为911接线员的正确地址, 但也要指明你的具体校园位置.
  • CALL Public 安全 at 414.443.8500 或亲自到公共安全办公室/设施管理办公室与他们联系, 位于康乐综合大楼的低层(P). 
  • 拨打911和公共安全后,请联系 Front Desk at 414.443.8800 让他们了解情况,以便他们在需要时指挥紧急救援人员. 

In the event 那 a situation arises, either on or off campus, 那, 在危机管理小组的判断中构成持续或持续的威胁, the Warrior Alert Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be employed to deliver the “timely warning” to 学生, 教师, 和工作人员. 


Police Non-Emergency Numbers

  • 密尔沃基警区#3非紧急事件:414.933.4444
  • Wauwatosa Police Non-Emergency: 414.471.8430

On-Campus Numbers

  • 公共安全(每天24小时/每周7天):414.443.8500     
  • Adam Volbrecht,居住生活主任:414.443.8689

Other Important Numbers

  • Froedtert Hospital: 414.805.3000
  • Aurora Sinai Medical Center: 414.219.2000
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Center: 414.219.5555
  • Christian Family Counseling: 414.476.1772
  • 24-hour Crisis Line: 414.671.6140
  • 密尔沃基 Women’s Center Shelter: 414.272.6199
  • Counseling Center of 密尔沃基: 414.271.4610 

安全 and Security Reports