Parking center entrance

Parking on Campus

Wisconsin Lutheran College is a residential campus in a suburban setting. Parking on campus is limited; permits are required in most lots. When parking on area streets, please follow the posted parking regulations.

Visitor Parking

WLC visitor parking is located on the Front Circle (8800 W. Bluemound Rd.) and in the Recreation Complex surface lot (8725 W. Wisconsin Ave.). Visitors should either park in their designated reserved parking spot on the Front Circle or obtain a visitor parking permit from the front-desk receptionist in the Greenfield Administration Building, from the Public Safety Office (lower level of the Recreation Complex), or by calling Public Safety at 414.443.8500.

Visitors may also use street parking; please follow the posted parking regulations.

During regular business hours, please see the front-desk receptionist in the Greenfield Administration Building if you need specific directions on campus or check the campus map.

For some special events on campus, the Parking Center (8701 W. Wisconsin Ave.) may be open for visitor parking.

Campus visitors who park legally but receive a parking citation from WLC should immediately present the citation to the faculty/staff member or WLC student they were visiting. The faculty/staff member or student will forward the citation with an explanation to Public Safety.

Undergraduate Student Parking Application

The 2024-2025 online parking permit application for RETURNING undergraduate students is now open. To apply, complete the application and upload a PDF or JPG file of your vehicle registration as well as other documentation; see the Resident Student Qualification Categories listed below.

Returning students should apply for their parking permit by May 13, 2024. Parking permits will be granted in the order applications are received. 

Please note that MOST NEW STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for parking, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. New WLC students (incoming freshmen and transfer students) may apply for parking beginning July 1, 2024.

All students (new and returning) will be notified of their parking permit status starting in mid-July 2024.


Undergraduate Student Parking Permit Policies

  • Parking assignments are designated by the type of permit issued.
  • The Trinity Office staff may modify the lot assignments each term as space availability dictates.
  • Permits may be purchased for the entire academic year or by semester.
  • All parking permit charges are posted to WLC student accounts. Students do not send any payment when they apply for a permit. Costs are listed in the tab below.
  • Revocation of a parking permit for violations of the parking policy will not entitle the student to a refund of the permit cost.
  • Students with a history of violating the WLC parking policy may have their current and/or future parking privileges revoked.
  • Falsifying information on the permit application will automatically result in denial or revocation of the permit.
  • When all parking spaces have been allocated, no more permits will be issued.


Resident Student Qualification Categories

Resident parking permits will be distributed based on the following criteria. They are ranked in order of importance from 1 to 5. When applying for a parking permit online, be prepared to upload a PDF or JPG file of supporting documentation for the category below that applies to you.

Please note that most new students WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for parking, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. 

  1. MEDICAL REASONS: Medical permits will be issued on an as-needed basis. Application for a medical permit requires a letter on official stationery signed by the attending physician explaining the disability and length of time a permit will be needed. Final approval of all medical qualifications lies with the Director of Student Support and Disability Services.
  2. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: Applications made under this criterion will be based on the verification of the academic need. Examples include: internship with a letter of confirmation from the company, clinicals, etc. 
  3. EMPLOYMENT: Students must be employed off-campus during the academic year. You will be asked to supply a copy of your most recent paycheck stub to verify current employment and amount of hours worked. If your most recent paycheck stub does not display typical hours worked, a letter from your direct manager will be required to verify this information. In most cases, freshmen will be expected to work on campus and will not qualify for a work-related permit.
  4. CLASS STATUS: Class status (seniors over juniors, etc.) will be considered when assigning parking permits. 
  5. DISTANCE: Priority will be provided within above criteria based on the distance between a student's home residence and the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus (the greater the distance, the higher the priority). Distance will be calculated based on address as documented on vehicle registration. If vehicle registration doesn't display current address, student is required to submit other documentation that can be used as proof of current address.